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  • Again, couldn't have been better. I know I thanked the assistants but I wish I had thanked Dr. Beals personally for his expertise and his friendliness and consideration. The whole team made me feel at ease and encouraged.
  • Dr Beals was just awesome. I felt like he really was interested in my and my issues with my ankle. He took the time to listen but also took the time to evaluate and assess my condition. I would give him 11/10!
  • Without question I would recommend Dr. beals to anyone on this stuff all professional an excellent
  • Dr Beals is a great Dr. Keeps me informed and let's me participate in my own case
  • Dr. Beals understood my concerns and explained how and what would be done should I decide to have foot surgery.
  • I was very impressed by Dr. Beals. He was very knowlegable, understanding and experienced.
  • So impressed with Dr.Beal and his work.
  • I would recommend the provider, however the wait time once taken back was not great. I basically had 5 minutes with the provider because I had to be back to work at a certain time. I would have liked the appointment to not be as rushed. I gave the appointment 90 minutes before I had to be back to work and felt this was more than enough time.
  • Dr. Beals and his PA Eric we're both extremely helpful, took the time to evaluate my injury and answer all of my questions, provided options and recommendations for recovery and we're genuine in their care.
  • Dr. Biels Answered all questions and concerns, listened to questions and provided excellent advice to move forward with PT.
  • I've been pleased with Dr. Nickisch's care & manner.
  • This was a surgical postop visit so no proposals for further treatment but did include instructions for continued postop foot care. :)
  • Dr. Nickish has been excellent from consult to surgery to post op. He was very thoughtful and explained everything well.
  • Dr. Nickish listened to my concerns, reviewed imaging results and answered all my questions. The results were unexpected and I cried. He was compassionate and considerate while being honest. I appreciate that he didn't sugar coat anything. I'm glad he's teaching the next generation of providers.
  • I am continuing to highly recommend him. He is fantastic!
  • Doctor Nikkish was the best.We are so thrilled with his practice.
  • I would definitely recommend Dr. Nickisch to anyone who needed a foot and ankle specialist he is thoughtful caring and very good with patients.
  • I tell everyone that I have the best orthopedic surgeon in the universe. He is above and beyond my expectations. He is amazing!
  • This was our second surgery with Dr. Nickish. His care both times was outstanding! We have recommended him to others many times.
  • Dr. Nickisch is awesome! I'm very grateful for the ability to walk and hike without pain, which had previously been part of my daily life. Thank you so much!
  • I've never had a doctor ask me if I still believe the care we chose was the correct course of action- and I've never felt as confident that the doctor genuinely wanted to know.
  • Dr. Nixon was great. He literally sat down listened to me, examined my ankle,watched me walk. He told me his opinion and explained It In a way I could understand. He showed me braces ai should use. He Is the best. Would definitely come back to him
  • Dr Nixon called us 2 days straight after our appointment keeping us informed with test results and what his plan of care is looking like, even before our virtual appointment.
  • Dr. Nixon's knowledge and professionalism are top notch. I'm very pleased with his care and concern.
  • Dr Nixon has an excellent bedside manner. He's attentive and cares.
  • Dr. Nixon was knowledgeable, kind and informative.
  • Dr. Nixon and his asst. Are always eager to listen to what I want . They try to work with me and do what we believe is the best course of action.
  • Dr. Nixon is amazing, direct and to the point, honest and has a sense of humor. Great surgeon. He knows what he doing and the outcome shows this.
  • Dr Nixon is amazing. He knows what he is doing and he is very kind.
  • Both Dr. Nixon & PAC Eric were very patient & clear in their explanations.
  • Dr. Saltzman is excellent, even though I will have to wait a couple months longer than I had hoped for surgery on my other foot. He explained how my right foot had to completely heal before the left foot could be operated on.
  • Saltman was thorough, informative, and explained why my feet were in the condition they were in.
  • Dr Saltzman is one of the best medical professionals I've encountered in a very long time. Very attentive and amazing in his work.
  • I'm so happy with my result from surgery. Dr Saltzman was the best, great sense of humor, answered ally questions. So thankful I found him. Ryan was great to work with as well.
  • Dr. Saltzman, his assistant Ryan, and his entire team displayed the utmost compassion and professionalism throughout my treatment (surgery) and recovery from a badly broken ankle.
  • Dr. Saltzman seems to be a rare breed of doctor compared to all my years of orthopedic are elsewhere. He listens to my questions, provides informative answers, and is so compassionate and friendly in doing so, plus he has a great sense of humor. I feel so very fortunate to have ended up in his care and cannot imagine there is anyone more skilled in performing the planned surgery.
  • Dr Saltzman spent time in reading my records and listening to my issues. He called in Dr Kazmers for his opinion on the pain in my foot and worked together finding options which were clearly explained. I was then sent to outpatient to see if a nerve block would help diagnose a solution. Both doctors came downstairs to follow up with me person. I mentioned to the resident I have never had such an attentive doctor visit with going above and beyond to find a solution. It reminded me of what I had heard about visits to the Mayo Clinic, working to make it the least difficult for the patient and finding answers without making you come back 6 different times. I was surprised when I read in Dr Saltzman's vitae that he had done a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic! It certainly showed!! I hope the U knows they have such dedicated doctors and show appreciation.
  • Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor, PA and X-ray technicians was very attentive to me and my questions. I was very impressed with everyone.
  • Dr. Saltzman is attentive, kind and caring. He treats patients as individuals and listens carefully to concerns. He is very good at explaining the exact cause of the problem and all options. Some of the explanations are for the benefit of the resident accompanying Dr. Saltzman, but as a patient, I appreciate seeing the x-rays and hearing the anatomical descriptions, too.
  • Dr. Saltzman has always been amazing. I haven't worked with Ryan before but he was also great.
  • Anna took the time to reassure me that my leg is healing & looks great. Also explained what will happen in future visits & treatment.
  • Anna Dean listened to our delima of being over 300 miles away. She has made my post op X-rays do-able with some instructions to my local hospital which will take the X-rays, send them to Intermountain Hospital, who will get them to U Health Orthopedic.
  • Annabeth is great. I now drive 3 hours to be able to have her as my practitioner.
  • Very nice . Helpful. Went out of there way to help.
  • Anna Dean was excellent at communicating. She was precise yet thorough, succinct yet compassionate.
  • Annabeth Dean is extremely professional, knowledgable, a good listener, thoughtful, and caring. She explains things well and helped me immensely. I highly recommend her!
  • Excellent provider. Shared good info on non surgical ways to handle my foot issues. Much appreciated
  • Anna Dean PA-C was really great and very helpful. I'm glad I was able to see her.
  • Anna is super nice and has a very friendly and upbeat personality. She's very easy going and definitely listens well to patient concerns. I appreciated that she answered all my questions and didn't seem to be rushed to move on to the next patient.
  • Anna was great. She explained everything about my feet I did not want to here. But she helped me understand her concerns about doing something now
  • I thought Ms. Vanderhill was great! She listened to me, provided her recommendation and asked what I thought. She wanted to make sure whatever course of treatment we chose, I would realistically follow through. Basically, she included me in my treatment plan. She answered my questions and explained things very well. She was very friendly. Made things very easy for me. Would definitely recommend her!
  • Ms Vanderhill was very knowledgeable about my problem, listened well, discussed my options and prescribed appropriate treatment with my approval.
  • Hailey listened to my concerns, together we focused on a treatment plan, & she quick responded managing to schedule a image guided injection immediately after my appt with her. Very pleased about her care.
  • Hailey Vanderhill, PA stayed with me until all my concerns & questions were addressed. She involved me in the treatment plan. Very professional!
  • I truly feel very lucky to have Haley as my orthopedic provider. From out initial visit after I sustained the Injury, she showed such compassion and concern. She made me feel at ease, and is very genuine. She thoroughly listened to my concerns as I explained that I'm a busy mom, nurse, student and didn't know how to function with an injury. She took so much time with me during both of our visits, and provided education and answered my numerous questions. We looked at the X-rays together and she ensured I understood the treatment plan. I am so thankful for her time and expertise. She is a caring, patient, and an excellent provider and I am grateful she is overseeing my care.
  • I have already recommended everyone who asks about my surgery.
  • Hailey was wonderful. Professional. Encouraging. Gave important recommendations
  • Haley was awesome! Personable, knowledgeable, and attentive. Reviewed films and her thoughts re: course of treatment, then asked for my thoughts. Very refreshing to be included in my own care
  • Very thorough, patient, and focused. Great experience!
  • Very pleasant, professional, informative and enthusiastic. Felt like she had all the time in the world for me even though I know she was busy.

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