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At University of Utah Health, we are dedicated to helping people of all ages lead pain-free, healthy lives. Whether your foot or ankle problem is a recent occurrence or a long-term issue, we provide the highest level of care for all foot and ankle conditions and injuries. Call to request an evaluation from our specialists and find relief from foot/ankle pain.

What to Expect at Your Appointment & More About Orthopedic Doctors

Orthopedic Appointment
What to Expect at an Orthopedic Appointment

Besides making sure your medical records are up to date, there are a few other things you can do to prepare. Find out what you can do and more about what happens at your first appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

What does an orthopedic doctor do?

Orthopedic doctors focus on caring for your bones, joints, ligaments, and tissues. But how exactly do they do that? Read more about the areas of the body that they specialize in and what this means for you.

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Complimentary Services Free Child Care

Child care issues should never prevent you from getting to the doctor and getting the health care you need. We offer free child care for patients during their appointment.

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    High-Heel Hazards

    Your 4-inch stilettos look great, but are they hazardous to your health? One-third of women who wear high heels have fallen while wearing them, but the danger doesn't stop there.

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    Happy Feet are Healthy Feet

    With summer nearly upon us, you're probably getting ready to break out your sandals and flip flops.

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    Pedicure Precautions

    Pedicures can treat foot problems, promote circulation and relax the entire body—but they can also cause harm. Here's how to reduce your risk of contracting infections at salons.